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A strong position in the polish and European markets for over 30 years

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Certificates Certificates


vanstar.pl has the highest level of quality management. It is guaranteed by the implemented certificates, in accordance with the IATF 16949 quality management system standard in the automotive industry and the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Experienced Technology Department

Our engineers are at your disposal.

We have experience in prototyping and modeling based on technical documentation.


Quality Control Department

The company’s QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT is equipped with, among others: coordinate measuring arms, microscope, pyrometer, varnish thickness gauge, lux meter, leak detector, flow tester. This enables us to perform tightness and surface stress tests to verify the degree of purity, microscopic examination of welds microcracks, the use of the PT and VT methods, in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 5817 standard.

Additionally, thanks to the use of reverse engineering, i.e. the process of creating a new element model based on a physically existing detail, we offer the generation of technical documentation and the production of a given element.

Machine Park

Thanks to advanced design software and direct data transfer to machines, we minimize errors and achieve excellent results, surpassing the competition.


Our infrastructure is designed to ensure efficiency and high production performance. Thanks to this, we can meet the requirements of both the domestic and European markets.

14100 m2

The surface area of our production and warehouse halls

Equipped with new technologies and a research and development center. A ready-to-ship warehouse, allowing us to quickly fulfill orders.


Our team

...of qualified specialists who are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Company History - 30 years of VANSTAR

  1. Starting a business


    Leszek Szostak established a company producing exhaust systems for vehicles of established brand STAR. VANSTAR was born

  2. The first numerical CNC bending machine


    The growing demand for the company’s products and care for the highest quality standards led to the purchase of the first numerically controlled CNC bending machine, ensuring higher production efficiency and 100% repeatability of details.

  3. Dynamic growth with new management


    The management of the company was taken over by Leszek Szostak’s son - Paweł. The company is developing dynamically, new jobs were created.

  4. New manufacturing facility


    A new production hall with social facilities, an office building and a warehouse were commissioned.

  5. International expansion


    First foreign contracts. Customers from Germany, France and Denmark appreciated the advantages of VANSTAR products

  6. New business contracts


    Appreciate of cooperation with bus manufacturers.

  7. Implementation of ISO standards


    Obtaining the Certificate of the Welding Institute in Gliwice.

  8. Expansion and modernization of the company


    Another expansion and modernization of the production hall, warehouse, social and office rooms and boiler room. Installation of a single-girder overhead crane. Purchase of a numerically controlled CNC bending machine and a machine for expanding pipe ends, clamps and bands.

  9. Quality management system


    Implementation of an integrated quality management system. Introduction of ecological standards.

  10. Debut proprietary products


    Purchase of a machine for the production of a 3S flexible pipe, a proprietary product of VANSTAR specialists, applicable to vehicles with engines that meet the requirements of Euro4 and higher.

  11. Factory modernization and the first patent


    Modernization of the machine park. Obtaining a patent number 221797 for the “3S” flexible pipe, an innovative product that provides better insulation and gives less heat to the environment, and at the same time is more airtight and more resistant to mechanical damage.

  12. Expanding the company's offerings and visibility


    Developing the technology for serial production of the 3S flexible pipe, expanding the offer for OE markets, intensifying export activities and increasing brand recognition through participation in international trade fairs. Obtaining the GOST-R certificate.

  13. New technological line


    5 Expansion and doubling of the production hall area, area of the hall, introduction of a new technological line for the production of exhaust silencers, increasing production potential and increasing the company’s competitiveness.

  14. Meeting international ISO standards


    ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification (currently IATF 16 949:2016), allowing for meeting the high quality requirements of international institutions associating vehicle manufacturers, such as: IATF, VDA, FIEV, SMMT, ANFIA or AIAG.

  15. Opening of the laser center


    25th anniversary of the VANSTAR company. Opening of the Laser Center - VANSTAR SERVICE.

  16. Investment in green energy and additional investments


    Obtaining 30% of renewable energy sources through the installation of photovoltaic panels. Establishment of a laboratory of polymer coatings. Launching the production of bus and industrial handrails.

  17. 30 years of VANSTAR


    30th anniversary of the company.