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We are a supplier of the highest quality spare parts: OEM (original manufacturer parts) and AEM (aftermarket parts),
for exhaust systems, liquid cooling systems, air tanks, flexible connectors and accessories for trucks, buses,
agricultural machinery and equipment, specialized and military vehicles as well as power generators.

Guaranteed trust with IATF 16949, ISO 9001
and ISO 14001 certificates

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Specialized vehicles

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Modern solutions for the performance and ecology of exhaust systems.


Each silencer manufactured by us muffles the noise of the exhaust to the same level as the original product.
The use of stainless steel materials or double-sided aluminised metal sheet and strict quality control at every stage of production ensures long-term and reliable operation.


We offer catalysts for the most popular commercial vehicles.

Exhaust pipes

We produce exhaust pipes made of double-sided aluminum and stainless steel (inox), diameter ranging from ø12.0 mm to ø152.4 mm.
100% of the raw material used for production is obtained from reputable suppliers of welded cold-rolled pipes. We use numerically controlled bending machines and CNC machines specialised in the processing of pipe ends, which enable the production of very complex elements.
Whenever possible, we make pipes from solid material, eliminating welding, which makes our pipes very durable.
VANSTAR exhaust pipes are manufactured for the AEM and OEM markets. They are used in various models of trucks, vans, buses, markets, construction machinery, agricultural tractors, military vehicles and power generators.

Liquid pipes

Liquid pipes, also called ‘retarder’ and ‘intrader’, are transporting coolant in cooling system of the exhaust gas flap
At the request of our customers, we are constantly increasing the available variety of offered pipes.

Universal pipes

We offer a wide range of multi-purpose pipes, made of stainless and aluminized steel. These include straight pipes and exhaust pipes, bend pipes and pressed elbow pipes, pipe adaptors, pipe fittings, pipe ends (male and female V-Clamp connections).

Universal connectors

Universal connections allow you to build exhaust systems in a very economical and quick way, without having to remove the entire damaged element. The worn out part is replaced with a new one.

2S Flexible pipes

VanFlex flexible conduit pipes are responsible for absorbing vibrations and stress from the engine.
Using them enables the longitudinal compensation of exhaust system, which is affected by hot combustion gases.
VanFlex 2S type pipes are intended for vehicles that meet Euro 3 emissions standards.
This type of pipe is made of galvanized or stainless steel sheet, joined with 2 locks resembling the letter S.
We offer flexible VanFlex 2S pipes with diameters ranging from ø25 mm to ø153.5 mm.

3S Flexible Pipes

VanFlex 3S pipes are designed for exhaust systems that meet Euro 4 and higher emission standards.
3S pipes are tighter than that 2S pipes. They are made of a strip of stainless steel sheet connected with three locks resembling the letter S.
The higher tightness of this element prevents a significant temperature loss. High temperature is necessary for a proper catalysis in exhaust emission control systems.
This increases the efficiency of the system. We offer VanFlex 3S flexible pipes in the diameter range from ø51 mm to ø128 mm.


The flexible elements are responsible for absorbing vibration and stress caused by the motor tence, the exhaust system is protected against damage.
Bellows offered by VANSTAR are made of a double tube, stainless steel, formed into a sinusoidal cross-section. This design ensures trouble-free operation and the 100% tightness of the finished item.
We offer bellows in the diameter range from ø 50 mm to ø 150 mm.

Bellows with steel braid

Bellows with steel braid are also called flexible connectors. Their structure is similar to the construction of the bellow itself.
The difference lies in the fact that it is additionally reinforced with a steel mesh on the outside or the inside.
This allows absorbing vibrations and provides maximum strength. We offer bellows with steel braid in the diameter range from ø 38 mm to ø 127 mm.


The connection between the individual elements of the exhaust system must be durable and tight to ensure an appropriate level of safety and trouble-free operation of the engine.
VANSTAR offers different types of clamps with an extensive range of applications.
They are suitable to connect such items as exhaust pipes, liquid pipes, flexible connectors, silencers, filters, etc. Clamps are available, depending on the model, in galvanized or stainless steel (INOX).

Spark arrestors

VANSTAR offers a broad range of pipe spark arrestors, which can be assembled to outlet pipes of different diameters.
These components are used to prevent the emission of exhaust sparks, which could cause an explosion of fumes of hazardous substances. The best example of their use is: tractors supplied with fuel tanker, agricultural machinery used for harvesting, forestry vehicles or power generators.

Rain caps

Vertical exhaust systems installed in construction and agricultural equipment or power generators often require rain caps for optimal protection from percipitation.
Rain caps open automatically when the exhaust system is working, allowing free flow of exhaust gas and closing it when the exhaust system is in idle.VANSTAR offers a great variety of rain caps with different diameters.

Thermal shields

Thermal shields are used to protect users against direct contact with hot elements that could cause injuries.

Flanges and seals

One of the methods of connecting the elements of the exhaust system is to join them with two flanges. The seal included in the set guarantees a secure and tight bond.
Our offer includes both universal solutions and sets dedicated to a specific type of a vehicle.

Metal-Rubber connections

The mounting of the exhaust system to the vehicle’s structure has to prevent or minimise the transmission of vibrations in a working exhaust and protect the system against the vehicle’s vibrations transmitted from the chassis.
Metal-rubber mountings and rubber hangers are used for this purpose in exhaust systems with equally great efficiency.

Bent profiles

A modern machine park allows us to bend profiles on a fixed or variable radius. Currently, we have tooling that allows us to bend profiles with cross-sections: 40 mm x 40 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm, 40 mm x 60 mm and 80 mm x 80 mm in both black steel and stainless steel (INOX).
We can also implement tools that will enable us to bend profiles with other cross-sections.

Air tanks

In pneumatic system, air tank is designed to collect and store compressed air, which is later used to power and sustain systems. It’s main task is to stabilize pressure drop and enable effective work of air system and compressors.
VANSTAR air tanks are made of a combination of different materials to enable effective use in systems with different working pressures. Depending on the type of installation we offer vertical and horizontal air tanks.

NOX sensors

We offer a selection of the most popular NOx sensors. It is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the analyzed gas.
The most common application is to measure the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines in cars and other vehicles, in order to calculate and, if required, dynamically adjust the air-fuel ratio to optimise work of catalytic converters and determine whether the converter is performing properly.


VanElastic aluminum foil insulation is intended for use with diesel engines, where the temperature in the exhaust system do not exceed 550°C. Exhaust components are isolated with heat screen made of strips of aluminium foil, combined with glass fibre, which is a thermal insulator.
Two or three layers of tape provide a significant reduction in temperature outside the exhaust system.
The insulation is secured with an elastomer, which is vulcanized after the exhaust system warms up.


VanInox insulation is composed of stainless foil (outside) and fiberglass (inside), it is used in the elements of the exhaust system that operates at aproximately 1000˚C. This operating characteristic is usually found in the most modern engines that meet the EURO 5 emission standards or are powered by gaseous fuel - CNG.
Due to its chemical composition and special manufacturing process, VanInox insulation has excellent resistance to prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 1000˚C and short-term temperatures of up to 1600˚C.


The VanMaterial thermal mat offered by VANSTAR is intended for use on products that reach temperatures up to 900˚C. These can be both exhaust pipes and silencers, catalytic converters or particulate filters. For a perfect fit, VanMaterial insulation is individually adjusted to every particular element.

Individual orders

Our engineers are at your disposal.

We have experience in prototyping and modeling based on technical documentation.

Lack of technical documentation is not a problem for us, advanced measuring tools allow us to prepare a design and replicate every detail of the entrusted element.